The author on the forehead of Mount Mansfield, Vermont.

My name is Jeremy Audet, and I'm a computer geek, athlete and scholar of sorts. You can find my fingerprints all over the web, but I am most consistently involved with the Arch Linux community: I maintain software packages, edit the wiki and participate in mailing lists, among other things.

You can get an OK understanding of my skill set by checking out my LinkedIn and GitHub profiles. The abridged version is this: I know about software engineering, Linux system administration, computer networking and computer engineering, in that order. To get in touch, send an email to ichimonji10 at gmail dot com.


These blog posts are living documents; I may update or delete them at any time.

  1. Docstring Dissection

    An examination of a badly-written Python docstring: why it's bad, how it can be made better and why you should do so.

  2. OpenVPN HOWTO

    A detailed discussion of how to use the OpenVPN client. Discusses two possible configurations: one simple, and one complex.